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2017 - Year of the Fire Rooster


The year of the Fire Monkey started in February 2016 and continues until February 3, 2017. This happy-looking Chinese zodiac, with its mixture of fire, metal, water and earth movements brought intense yang energy that translated to challenging aspects of our lives and in our attitudes. Clashes and actions were evident at several levels including in the politics of several countries such as Great Britain and the Brexit vote to leave the EU, the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff in Brazil, the possibility of a presidential impeachment in South Korea, and the Presidential election campaign in the United States. And probably each one of us has examples of struggles and losses, whether work, goal, or personal relationship-oriented, that seemed more frequent in 2016 than in other years.

On February 3, 2017, according to the Chinese solar calendar, we usher in the year of the Fire Rooster. However, this “domesticated” zodiac sign brings with it continued clashes between fire and metal. The good news is that the energies will be yin, that is, not as strong but with an intensity on another level. Besides the energy from the Fire Rooster, the New Year also brings help to minimize these clashes: the yearly energy for our environments, like work and home; the beginning of the new long-term energy (2017-2044); and the advice of Yi Jing, based on the yearly hexagram Xian, translated from Chinese as Communion or Mutual Influence.

The Fire Rooster

First, just like the Rat and the Rabbit, the Rooster is represented by only one element. This means the year is

governed by these three signs depend strongly on the strength of the element to which they are attached. In the case of the rooster, this is yin metal which means a focus on justice, diplomacy and logistical efficiency. It differs from 2016 in that it will be a year of organization through strategy rather than force. However, the “fire” in this Fire Rooster will clash and have a better chance of dominating this yin metal.

Energy in our Environments (Xuan Kong Fei Xing) - Kan - Water in 2017

The other energy to take into consideration is the year’s energy found in our environments, such as work and home. the Water-Kan energy that will have an effect in the environments, especially of home and work. This energy brings focus to the communication, the capacity of perception and the understanding of the other.

Yi Jing - Hexagram 31 - XIAN

In Yi Jing the hexagram of the year, Xian - Communion, is represented by a lake on top of a mountain and is compared to a newlywed's relationship. Master and professor of Taoist philosophy, Alfred Huang calls this Hexagram Mutual Influence and explains that the lake is supported by the mountain and the mountain is nourished by the lake. The advice of how to deal with another conflicting year is an attitude of mutual influence of respect, humility, sincerity, free from judgment.

Long-Term Energy - 2017-2044 Xuan Kong Da Gua

In 2017, Period 9, using the Xuan Kong Da Gua technique, begins. Different from the better-known Feng Shui Xuan Kong Fei Xing – Flying Stars, this technique focuses on the essence and philosophical side of the Period. For period 9, this is Qian, Yang Metal which is characterized by responsibility, leadership, and justice. This energy begins to gradually grow within each person; and even though this potential force seems to have little immediate results, its cultivation will have more obvious repercussions closer to 2024, when Feng Shui Flying Stars period 9 begins. The energy will shift to an outward expression of celebration, or something more melancholy, depending on each person.


The year 2017 is placed under the protection of the fabulous and extravagant sign of the Fire Rooster, whose virtues of justice, perseverance and transparency generously reward those who understand them well. We must first respect truth and sincerity. In other words, this is not a good year to hide things; it's a year of hard work and transparency above all else.


It is advisable to stay on your guard before taking action on a possibility of a quick, easy return on investment in a new venture. The year of the Rooster requires a lot of work and patience for the revenge investments. If you have any new projects in mind, it is best to start them in the fall or during the last two weeks of each season. These periods are represented by the Earth element, and its stabilizing characteristic makes an excellent bridge between the conflicting Fire and Metal energies.

Relationships / Family

The rooster associated with Fire Yin calls for inner warmth, the quiet of privacy and family ties, the union with subtle elements, the inner being and its moral foundations.

For men it is a very good year to start a new relationship. However, solid relationships can be disrupted by sudden and unplanned reasons like a professional or family change to another state or country.

In the world

Fire melts Metal, the resultant is an atmosphere of tension, and tendencies leaning toward extremism. There will be an intensification of strong demonstrations without results by country leaders or large corporations. Migration caused by wars and climate change contributes to degrade an already heavy, if not unstable, political climate.


New celebrities in the entertainment and music industry will emerge in greater numbers thanks to the expanding Internet boom. There may be great innovations in the art world, but the fame of some may be extremely fleeting.

At work

The Year of the Fire Rooster is often marked by a brilliant success for those who have patience for the lonely path of a business project. With the energies of justice, communication, diplomacy and transparency, administration jobs, military careers or police work are highly favored.

New ideas arising from the Rooster's communication elements bring the desire of many people to change their professional environment. But these desires for mobility will not materialize for everyone, as not all signs of the Chinese zodiac are able to cope with stress and be creative and organized enough to overcome the failures they will face along the path to success.

In general, we should focus on being a good listener in terms of communication, with patience and humility – taking action to be more attentive to others. Obviously, with each person’s Chinese zodiac sign the trends for 2017 will be stronger in one area or another. In general, the Rat, the Ox and the Dog will have good luck, but for the Dragon, the Horse and the Rooster this could be a great year.


Em Destaque
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