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July – A Great Month for Date Selection: An Overview

Heads up for those who understand Date Selection – July is a pretty good month for everyone! And for most of us, we’ll have a lot of dates with He Tu combinations and Same Gua combinations. Now there are several ways to select a date, and here, this technique is using your birth year’s Guas (the major comparison point), Hexagram, Stems and Branches.

For those who are new to Date Selection, you should understand that this technique does not add energy to a situation, it helps you take advantage of moments when the energy is more in your favor – you still have to have a goal in mind, do the preparation for that goal, and put yourself in alignment with that positive energy. Date Selection is used for beginning or optimizing a business, signing a contract, moving, starting a family, creating a new focus in your life.

Looking at the dates and times in the tables below, if there are He Tu combinations (for July, the top numbers of the Hexagrams are 1’s and 6’s), these represent times when you want to renew, change something, restart, “reboot”. If the day has the Same Gua number (either all “1’s” or all “6’s” across the top), this is strong energy and you should focus on a single short-term objective or an immediate situation.

As mentioned, not everybody has these He Tu and Same Gua dates. From 1930-2010, those born in the years listed below, starting on either February 3rd or 4th, will NOT be able to use the dates. If your birthday falls in that year but before the February date, your birthday is considered a part of the previous year – Example – Your birthday is February 1, 1966 – your year is considered 1965. Conversely, if you were born on February 1, 1954, your birth year is considered 1953 and so you would not use the tables.

1931 Feb. 4; 1937 Feb. 4; 1943 Feb. 4; 1945 Feb. 4; 1949 Feb. 4;

1953 Feb. 3; 1954 Feb. 4; 1957 Feb. 3; 1962 Feb. 4; 1966 Feb. 4;

1970 Feb. 4; 1976 Feb. 4; 1979 Feb. 4; 1982 Feb. 4; 1991 Feb. 4;

1997 Feb. 3; 2003 Feb. 4; 2005 Feb. 3; 2009 Feb. 3.

However, not to leave those people out, here are dates you can use, i.e., the energy is not as strong or focused but the dates are still great: July 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, and 27.

He Tu and Same Gua dates and times July 7 - August 6; using the 24-hour clock

Em Destaque
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