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2021 Yin Metal Ox

There is no escaping the effects of 2020 - Certainly the initiating energies of the yang metal rat shook us and made us faced countless changes: work and home environment, combining the two, or losing our jobs, redefining our goals; how we interacted with all relationships - testing marriages, recreating connections with our children and visiting friends online. It was a lot to absorb. The challenges in 2021 may look the same as any other year, but there will be a need to set goals, work out the details, listen to others and stay calm. People are feeling very insecure and want to go back to “normal”. The fact is, some situations may go back to pre-COVID-19, but many will continue on a new path.

What to do in 2021

To use what the year is offering, you need to know where you're going in the short term, i.e. 2021, and in the long run when period 9 starts in 2024. Listing short-term goals is probably not that difficult, but to achieve them, you need to organize yourself. Work out the details on weekly and monthly schedules, breaking each goal into smaller simpler steps using measurable results so you can achieve them. Prioritize what you need to do, then do the most important things first. If you are an experienced procrastinator, try using the 2-minute challenge. Do an activity for just 2 minutes, that way, at least you’ve started. Over the next three years, building quality, discipline and consistency will be easier now than in period 9.

Last year's quick switch into the digital world shoved many into unknown territory. This year there’ll be time to get familiar and better if you’re new to doing most things on line. Invest in tech gadgets or classes (online of course) to increase your knowledge in this area.

You will also have to be careful about how you perceive the other person. There will be a tendency for all to think ‘that person sure is bossy.’ Just remember that this perception will go both ways. In fact, it will be to your advantage to spend more time listening and empathizing, which implicitly means that you’ll have to understand yourself better. For most of us, some form of meditation will be needed to cultivate this attitude. Besides meditating you could also practice Tai Ji Quan, Gi Gong or Yoga.

Finally, choose your advice wisely, and only if someone is really asking you for it. Otherwise, your helping them with the truth or showing them the ‘right way’ could be irritating and cost you that


The long-term goal, namely Period 9, 2024-2044

Period 9 will speed up activities and life in general. Opportunities and changes will come and go before you get a chance to act on them if you’re not prepared. Life will be more digital and the use of computers and cell phones will be mandatory. People will be focused on service-oriented positions and robotics and automation will be more prevalent in industries. Learning to work online will become the norm. 2021 is an opportunity to hone our talents and skills and help us prepare for period 9 in 2024.


Em Destaque
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