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Progress - Jin - 05 (Fu Xi) / 35 (King Wen)

The sun's energy is available to all

Progress indicates a phase full of power, a source of knowledge, stimulating growth in its prime; large and inexhaustible.

This energy does not point toward a specific direction; it is simply available and leaves all avenues open. Making good use of it to achieve our goals, even when the road is long depends on each person. Thus, the external sun should awaken the inner sun within each of us.

This energy must be harnessed well and put to its best use while it lasts.

The Hexagram also gives advice to those who have the resources and want to encourage progress. In this situation, you should not be proud or harbor selfish attitudes, but in thinking of the world as a whole, stimulate the growth of all, searching out the skills each of one of us has.

Em Destaque
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