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Feng Shui is a Chinese technique used to organize and harmonize the energy in an environment such as your home or business. This Chinese Art, developed more than 4000 years ago, is based on space (the environment itself and the surrounding area), time, or a combination of both. The methods look at the location of the environment; energy flow, natural and artificial formation in the surrounding environment as well as the internal arrangements in homes. The aim of the concept is to create and maintain a balance of yin and yang energies resulting in maximum comfort and focus for those living there. This technique requires onsite consulting.

Ba Zi – Four Pillars of Destiny

Zi Ping Ba Zi analyzes the person's energies based on year month, day and time of the person's birth. It is used to help people approach life based on the concept of balanced energy. Each person’s chart is different, even for people born at the exact same times. When used with Feng Shui, it creates a more personalized and positive environment. A reading includes an interpretation of a person’s basic structure, their future according to the 10-year Luck Pillars, and that year’s reading. Separate readings include professions analysis and interpersonal relationship analysis which is a comparison of two charts (usually spousal relationships). Send the date of birth, including time; and place of birth (city, state and country) of each person. (Chart readings can be done via Skype.)

I Ching

The I Ching is the oldest Chinese book of wisdom and an oracle used in divination. It allows the individual to understand the question and answer within himself on a subject. A consultation can use either classic or modern techniques.

Date Selection

This technique is a form of choosing favorable dates to achieve a more positive outcome for you. It is used for activities such as moving house, signing contracts, holding meetings, and starting projects.

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