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What is Tai Qi Convergence?





The name of this project comes from Hexagram 11 - “Tai" of the I Ching, the oldest text of Chinese wisdom and is sometimes translated as “peace” or “tranquility”.


"The Chinese word Tai has an extremely auspicious significance because it denotes a perfect balance between heaven and earth. The nature of peace stems from the complete joining of opposite poles, from which all the latent potentialities are realized," (p. 84, I Ching O livro das Mutações, Sua Dinâmica Energética; Alayde Mutzenbecher; 2010 Edition, Gryphus Publisher).

We were given the opportunity to live in the place where heaven and earth meet, in search of the perfect combination of stability and harmony. By our nature to think and choose, and from a Chinese point of view, we have both yin moments, when we are more passive, quiet, and more open to receive; and yang moments, when we are most active, expressive, and more expansive. These moments appear as opposing movements but actually connect and complement each other and challenge us to establish balance in a world where balance, one day, is fashionable and on another day,  falls out of fashion. Every day provides learning opportunities and experiences of life, i.e. karmic moments. Up close, balance is individual, but under a broader perspective, each person can be seen as only one part of maintaining balance.


These facets of balance are our direct and indirect, internal and external efforts, and how we connect to each other as we build and follow our paths in the convergence of life.


This project is a search for balance within us and between us, between heaven and earth.

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