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The name of this project comes from Hexagram 11 - “Tai" of the I Ching, the oldest text of Chinese wisdom and is sometimes translated as “peace” or “tranquility”.


"The Chinese word Tai has an extremely auspicious significance because it denotes a perfect balance between heaven and earth. The nature of peace stems from the complete joining of opposite poles, from which all the latent potentialities are realized," (p. 84, I Ching O livro das Mutações, Sua Dinâmica Energética; Alayde Mutzenbecher; 2010 Edition, Gryphus Publisher).


Feng Shui, Ba Zi - 4 Pillars of Destiny, I Ching, Date Selection

Calculations in Excel -  Programs:   Zi Ping Ba Zi (Four Pillars), Professions, Relationships (comparing two charts), Zi Wei Dou Shu ( Purple Star Astrology), Date Selection

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