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One useful tool in BaZi (Chinese Cosmology/Astrology) is the technique called synastry, (the comparison of two or more natal charts in order to analyze or forecast the interaction of the individuals involved), which is used most often for couples and marriages. In fact, in China and Taiwan many couples still go to a practitioner who studies what kind of relationship the two will have and then uses date selection to choose a wedding date.

A lot of emphasis is put on how the elements between the two charts interact. In other words, the relationship between the elements indicates whether there is complementary, functional or similar theme or structure, as well as whether it is a one-way or reciprocal relationship. Beyond this, practitioners use different mechanisms such as comparing Ming Gua’s, using Chinese numerology (Yue Shu Ming Li), and reading each person’s hexagrams.

This tool is also very good for comparing other relationships, including those between co-workers, business partners, businesses, siblings, parents, and friends. If you would like a synastry reading, use our contact page and send us the birth date, hour and place of birth of both parties!

Em Destaque
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